Box sync for mac not working

If you do not see the icon, open Box Sync. Are you placing the data in the Box Sync folder? Only data placed in the Box Sync folder or any of its subfolders will be synced to the Northwestern Box website. Make sure you are saving the files inside the Box Sync folder, rather than your desktop or documents folders. Is your data located on a network share? Box Sync often encounters issues with data stored on a network share.

We suggest you store the data locally, if possible. Whenever you make a change, Box scans all of the files and folders to see if any other changes need to be reflected in Box Sync or the website. You can make this process faster by un-syncing any folders you don't need in the Box Sync folder on your computer:.

Install Box Sync for Mac

Find a folder you'd like to unsync, and right-click on it. You can access all of your content on the Northwestern Box website. If you'd like the folder to appear in your Box Sync folder on your computer, you can always take the above steps, but click "Sync to Computer" instead. Note: Do not delete anything from Box Sync that you do not want deleted from Box entirely.

Install Box Drive

Box Sync. Box Sync 4. Online synchronization tool for box. Overview Box Sync gives you a hard-drive in the Cloud for online storage. Version 4. Box Sync Screenshots. Rate this app:. Post review. Steve K. Most helpful. No Mac uninstaller. No way to change location of sync folder unless you uninstall every file manually and reinstall, but then when you try to reinstall you get a message saying you need a newer version of the Box installer.

Poor Mac implementation altogether.

Northwestern KB

Like 4. The whitespace in the "Box Sync" directory is very annoying when coding or using command lines as paths should be placed between quotes. I hope the Box team can realize this annoying issue and fix it in future. I have tried several ways to rename Box sync home folder to exclude the whitespace, but so far not been successful yet, while I cannot go through code written in many places by many people using paths in the conventional way!

Will not work with an alias, or let me choose where to place its folder, no thank you.

Like 1. Box has problems. I gratefully use it every day for backups.

Uninstall Box Sync on Mac - Removal Guide

I've decided to write this up here as the utter disaster is entirely repeatable and I know of no way to stop it. This is expressed specifically in the inability to use anything but DOS approved characters in names. That's annoying. Therefore, for Mac users and for those who want a real syncing program, look elsewhere! Box is NOT what you want.

Manually Remove Box Sync from a Mac

The syncing problem: I maintain a huge collection of files as research. I also maintain a Mac Mini server.

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I want my research files there as well, of course. If I use Box Sync to sync between those two Macs via my Box backup, you'd think that would be dirt simple. How is that even possible?

Uninstall Box Sync on a Mac Automatically

And I've verified this three times. I've had to use my local backup to restore all my files. Thankfully, I'm security savvy enough to maintain a regular local backup as well as cloud backup. So Box! You can't 'Sync' worth crap.

You're ONLY a backup program. That's all. I like your backup. Your Sync is dangerous and worthless. Box suits my needs best. It's very straightforward to use and trouble free and the iOS version also works smoothly. I use both TimeMachine and SuperDuper for at-home backups but I need something in addition to iCloud to sync critical files across two Macs and an iPhone: the 10GB free storage is perfect for this.

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