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However, as you know, none of the new Macs has an optical drive.

Video-DVD Creëren

Right-click on the DMG file. Keep the burning speed at the lowest rate to avoid write errors, although chances are rare. I install the virtual box 6.

Hoe brand ik een film op een DVD?

I have the Mojave. DMG and I am using a windows system. How do I create a bootable device for my husband to fix his macOS? Hi it is possible to get the download link to MAC os high sierra? My mac is not booting and I have to make an emergency start up disc. My iMac failed to boot because internal hard disk is dead.

Had already tried internet boot and time machine recovery on external HD but no luck. Thanks in advance. Also, you may be interested to know that some of the Mac OS X versions are not universal binary compatible. Please send me a download link to the High Sierra installer. Hi im looking for a copy of the full installer for High Sierra for a Clean install via recovery mode! Thank you! Is it applicable to install it in a macbook pro early via reboot mode?

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Or do I have to install Lion and then update? I would like to get macOS Mojave Where can I find macOS high sierra bootable format??? I want to install that on my windows PC ….. Very informative guide! Tried command line password changing but that failed. Wanna do a fresh install.

Please send the download link to High Sierra. There are other ways of achieving the same things in Encore but following the above is probably the easiest. You may also want menus which means you will have to do a bit more in Encore but the above should burn a disc without menus. The biggest thing is getting the target bitrate right. If you set it too high the files will be too big and won't fit on a disc and Encore will remake it. If too low you will have free space on the disc and have squeezed it a bit too much and possibly made the picture look bad.

Don't bother going higher than about 8 if you are doing a small disc. Thank you!

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Your step by step instructions will not only help me, but will help everyone who comes across this forum! Thank You! I'll try again without the progressive setting. I knew to set the "end action" to "stop", but I did not enter anything into the "title button", so that's another thing for me to fix on my next try. I'll have to make an image file instead and give IMGburn a try. I want to get all the problems worked out before I have to submit my film in a few months. I will take all of your suggestions and keep working on making a project with Premier Pro and Encore and most likely IMGburn!

The Encore warning about not having a title button set can generally be ignored, but don't. Fix it as David suggests. On your future project, if you add the main menu before you import anything else, Encore will set that for you to the menu, as you generally want. For the film festival, you want to pay close attention to data rate. Learn to use a bitrate calculator:. Your example of minutes comes out to about 4. For shorter vids, consider 8 as a max rate for video audio gets added on top of that. I do find it odd that the presets are lower field but I have not had problems just using the preset myself.

I would stay away from progressive as well - I know quite a few DVD players support it but a lot don't.

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The list above was meant to be as simple as possible. I would change quite a few things myself but I wanted a list with the least changes needed.

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  • After you have made a few you can look into Encore a bit more and start "fiddling". As I said above, once you get the "logic" of Encore it starts to fall into place. Adding menus, if you have downloaded all the pre-made menus, is actually pretty easy. Also there are about 5 ways of achieving the same results which can be initially confusing to people because they are looking for the "right" way.

    I'd not heard this before - " I would stay away from progressive as well - I know quite a few DVD players support it but a lot don't. I do several dance recital shows each summer, with hundreds of DVDs delivered over the last few years, ALL of them being Progressive, with no complaints, so it must be pretty well supported now. I've had too many quality issues trying to change i into a decent DVD, so have gone Progressive and the results are superior for me. I just want to export a 7 minute oral history interview to a DVD using Premiere Pro on my Windows 10 operating system.

    How do I do this easily?

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    How can I make a DVD? It's a simple question that used to have a simple answer! Can anyone help me?

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    • That won't author the disk. It would only create a data disk. I skipped a step. Thanks for the correction.

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      Handbrake gebruiken om DVD’s naar je computer te kopiëren

      Obviously it does not have the features of menus, navigation etc. Have not done one for so long its all a bit hazy I must admit! Thank you for the advice and link. I appreciate your effort to help me. Thanks to all of you for your advice! I truly appreciate all of your efforts to help me! How to get Encore is by installing Premiere CS6.