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I am using a Mac, Chrome is the browser. I can only paste the format to one cell, then I must copy the format again.

Ribbon Home Tab Comparison – Excel 2010 Windows and 2011 Mac

Double clicking the paint icon does not lock in the format. Any suggestions other than to constantly copy the format? Community content may not be verified or up-to-date. Learn more.

How to Quickly and Easily Copy Formatting in Google Docs

Recommended Answer. Cheers, Dave. Yes No. Okay, no. I must not be explaining well. I'll give an example: I have a spreadsheet full of answers from a Google Form. As I am reading I want to change the look of certain cells that I need to make note of. So the first cell I come across that needs my attention, I change the background color or text color, or text style - anything that makes it stand out.

I then click on the paint icon. The next cell that needs my attention, I simply click on the cell and the background or text style changes. However, the third cell that needs my attention requires me to go back and click the paint icon again, then click the third cell.

Use Paint Format in Slides

Conditional formatting is a handy tool in Excel that can help you to add visual highlights to data to identify trends, highlight errors or perform analysis on sets of data. If you are looking for help on setting up conditional formatting, you might want to check out this article. In a recent example, I had a spreadsheet charting monthly sales figures, broken down by user, comparing each user against an average.

Basic Copy Pasting of Data thru Excel Paste Special

The data was laid out into a report which meant I wanted my conditional formatting to only be applied to every other row. First of all, you need to setup your conditional formatting on the first range of data.

You will see your cursor change to a paintbrush and the formatting from the cell you previously clicked into has now been copied to the paintbrush. One thing to note is that if your conditional formatting contains a formula with relative and absolute references, you might need to adjust these after copying to make sure that the formatting is applied correctly to the other cells. Next all you need to do is click the cells or drag the paintbrush across the rows and columns you want to apply your formatting to. This value depends on your printer. Or click on the Print Preview button to see how the page will look with the new margin values.

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It has a picture of a person turned sideways next to it. You can click on one of the values listed, or type in a value, even if it is not one of the values listed. You should then see the difference between the Subtotal and the Budget data. Here is the formula you inserted in the G5 cell:.