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Have you seen a good combination of the two without a high price tag? Well, let me introduce this laptop one more time. Having 2 disks makes your laptop for music production run so much faster! Moreover, being able to turn it into a tablet makes producing on-the-go so much easier! This will turn a boring session into a fun one! HP Envy x is a must-have if you love producing on the go! And once again, we see another Lenovo product. It starts to look like they do know how to make good quality computers which are very suitable for music production.

ThinkServer has a different concept than the rest of the computers on the list. The concept of this computer is almost like the one of a VPS virtual private server. Think of this as a powerful engine of your car!

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You connect your main computer for music production to Lenovo ThinkServer, and now your computer has transformed from a Honda into a Mercedes. You are able to connect it to your computer and utilize its resources. There are little tweaking and coding that you have to do first, but there are thousands of tutorials on this all over the web.

Lenovo ThinkServer will take a couple of hours of your time to set up but will exceed all the performance expectations after that! Clearly, the main difference is the weight and your budget. You can add tons of effects and virtual instruments for hip hop and EDM production and notice almost zero delays in playback! The battery lasts up to 12 hours, and it only weighs 2.

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There is little to debate about when considering whether a MacBook Air will be a suitable laptop for music production that will satisfy all your needs and more! Microsoft has decided that there is more to life than simply releasing Windows OS in life.

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Once upon a time, the company decided to release a line of laptops that combines both studio and tablet experiences. Microsoft Surface is good for more things than merely checking your emails and file your tax returns. You can utilize it as a laptop for music production, but there is so much more to that. Microsoft Surface Pro will suit every artist! And the keyboard design is fantastic! You want to know whether Microsoft Surface Pro will do a great job as a laptop for music production. And the battery last forever up to I emphasized the feeling of a surprise because Dell is usually considered cutting edge when we are talking about laptops.

Sometimes I doubt them, but they often prove me wrong. Well, I was proven wrong once again this time! Their Dell XPS 15 is straight up fantastic and will do great as a computer for music production, hands down. The only drawback would be the price of such a device.

Our checklist for computers for making music

If you are looking for the highest quality laptop for music production that is light and portable, Dell XPS 15 might be your best bet. Unlike a MacBook, you can actually connect all your gear to it without needing an excessive number of extension cords and power plates. If you are more of a PC than a Mac guy and want a laptop for music production which overdelivers in terms of speed and performance, the choice is obvious!

Making the list for the third time and for a good reason, this is yet another very powerful gaming PC that is perfect for music production. It also contains an overclocked memory setup and some streaming friendly features as well for all you social media streamers. Gaming computers should be used solely for gaming, right? Apparently, they tend to do wonders as computers for music production! Asus Rog is a great prove of my point! The battery life is not the best, but this laptop for music production is mostly meant to be plugged in at all times.

Asus Rog is a power horse that will not kneel even under the biggest CPU loads! The reason for that is the fact that this laptop is primarily used by gamers all over the world! Well, if it can handle intense loads of graphics and frame rate, what makes you think it will perform poorly when you add a couple of EQ and compression plugins on one of your tracks? With MSI Apache Pro you can not only make beats and slightly EQ and compress them, but fully mix and master the entire track with no speed issues detected whatsoever. It has a fantastic sound system with subwoofers and great EQ.

MSI Apache Pro will make your sessions smoother than ever. Overall this computer has optimal performance capabilities for your production needs and has the ability to grow with you as you need to expand. Remember we spoke about another Dell XPS and we concluded that it was one of the best laptops for music production on the market? Well, get ready for another bad boy from the cutting-edge computer developer giant. Dell XPS is not far away from other power horses on this list. Will 2TB of storage be enough for your artistic soul? I sure hope it will! Surely not the cheapest product, which is expensive even for Apple products.

However, there is no need to critique the price without looking at what Apple Mac Pro offers you in return for your money.

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I am saying this because this desktop computer for music production has a lot to offer. The processor of the desktop computer has 8 cores! The desktop computer for music production for music production also has one of the fastest SSDs that are available out there. Apple Mac Pro is used in top music studios around the world!

This will be a perfect centerpiece of your music studio. It has 6 Thunderbolt 2 ports and 4 USB 3 ports, which is plenty to connect all your equipment in one place without the need to use various extension cords that can disturb the signal and add noise to your recording.

Apple Mac Pro will be the best stationary setup as a computer for music production. Look, Apple iPad Pro rarely comes in mind when looking for a computer for music production, especially with so many convertible laptops available out there. With easy-to-use apps like Garage Band and Beatmaker, producing is easier than ever! Apple iPad Pro is as powerful and flexible as a high-end laptop!

Back in the days, the size of the screen used to be an issue.

Best Computers For Music Production and Audio Recording

You could only do so much in the tiny amount of space you had in front of your eyes. Well, things are surely changing! With a large If you buy a special pencil, you can increase your productivity even further. No need to use your fingers for everything anymore. Did you know that the new iPad Pro battery can last up to 12 hours?

No need to charge your device mid-session anymore. Connect it to your main computer for music production, and you got a set of drum pads or a MIDI keyboard. If you are a fan of Apple products and a tablet enthusiast who values flexibility and portability more than anything else, then iPad Pro is your best bet! Look, you might be looking for a computer for music production. Or you may be more interested in a laptop because you perform live or travel more. For most of us, the price is the breaking point. We all want the best computers with the most powerful processor and the finest graphics and sound.

However, not everyone can afford one. You see where I am going with this? Just my 2 cents. Mac or PC for Music Production? Which One is Better? I would say any opinion would be somewhat subjective. You can see a big studio using only Macs or MacBooks. Then you look around and see a music studio next door only has Windows PCs. Producers can argue for hours, but not come up to a conclusion. They also make you look rich.

Your phone is powerful, but it’s not a Mac

The only limit is the size of your wallet. If you want something with a bit more than just the basics, most DAWs have a free trial period in which to try them out. One of Pro Tools more handy features is the ability to manually edit audio wave forms within the track view, rather than having to export it to another program. Logic Mac — Essentially the big brother of Garageband and another solid choice for studio recording, mixing and mastering.

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Logic has excellent MIDI editing capabilities and is useful in theatre production when combined with its sister program, Mainstage. DJs and performers make use of its unique session view to launch audio clips at the push of a button. Now you need a good audio interface to handle all of the input and output of your recording. While you definitely can record with just the internal sound card built in to your computer, you will run into issues with crashing and latency the amount of time it takes for a sound you record to transmit to your computer and back out to your headphones or speakers , especially once you start getting into higher track counts.

The final piece of the production puzzle comes in the form of monitor speakers and headphones. Headphones are great for honing in on specific elements of your mix and are excellent for working in a substandard environment like mixing on the go. However, to really tweak your mix and get a feel for how it will sound you definitely need a pair of monitor speakers set up properly in a decent room. However, for mixing you want to know what the music actually sounds like.

In music production, we value clarity and the ability to hone in on problems in your mix.