Freeze a row in excel 2010 mac

Let's first look at the Page Layout view command, which many users rely on as their default view in Excel:. As shown in Figure 1, you can now see how the spreadsheet would appear when printed on paper.

Freeze Panes in Excel - Easy Excel Tutorial

Notice how the Freeze Panes command is now disabled. Further, choosing the Page Layout command will undo any frozen panes that you have in place. You'll have to manually restore any frozen panes that you lost when you chose Page Layout view. I rarely use Page Layout view, so that wasn't my culprit yesterday.

I simply had a large workbook that had started behaving erratically.

Freeze the Left Row

Switching to Page Layout view and then back to Normal again eliminated the wayward frozen panes for me, although in my situation the Freeze Panes command remained disabled. It was the end of a long day, and I was using a client's computer, but most likely a reboot would have resolved the issue.

Freezing Two or More Rows at the Top of a Spreadsheet in Excel 2013

Excel's Freeze Panes command also becomes disabled when the workbook is protected in Excel and earlier, as illustrated in Figure 2. Due to changes with how windows are containerized in Excel and later, you no longer protect Windows in those versions when protecting a workbook.

As shown in Figure 3, the Windows command is permanently disabled in Excel and later. Notice that Freeze Panes is disabled.

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Figure 3: The Windows option is permanently grayed out in Excel and due to changes in how windows are managed. Figure 4: A colored background appears behind Protect Workbook when protection is enabled.

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Unlike Page Layout, the Protect Workbook does not undo frozen worksheet panes. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar In Microsoft Excel , , and , you can freeze rows and columns so that when you scroll, those panes stay in place. Freezing a Row Select the row below the row you want to freeze. Freezing Columns and Rows Freezing a column and a row at the same time is a bit trickier unless you only want to freeze the left column and the top row, since those options are there all the time.

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To freeze a set of columns and rows at the same time, click on the cell below and to the right of the panes you want to freeze. Comments I am having the same problem — I type and Excel just Freezes the Cells so nothing can be entered and then — under the view — there is no unfreeze button — P8Ss Poor Software. Did this help? Let us know!