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Record Dictation Record and send audio dictation to your typist with Express Dictate professional dictation software. Download for Windows Download for Mac Learn more about dictation software. Also see Video Recording Software. Record voice and music with RecordPad. Record dictations with Express Dictate. Edit audio recordings with WavePad. Recording Programs are Easy to Use 1.

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Listen to your Audio. Record on the go Record voice or audio, edit audio files, mix audio, and record and send dictations wherever you are using your mobile device. WavePad for mobile Record and edit music, voice, and other audio recordings.

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Express Dictate for mobile Dictate directly on your device. Tap and send to your typist. MixPad for mobile Sound recording and mixing studio for Android.

Best Free Audio Editing Software (Free Audio Recording Software for PC, Mac and Linux)

Download for Android. RecordPad for mobile Record voice and other audio on your mobile. Home Products Download Purchase Support. Audio Recording Software. Download for Windows Download for Mac Learn more about audio recording and editing software Download the free home version Also available for iPhone , iPad and Android.

Alternatively, it's useful for anyone that wants to record and edit lectures, sermons, radio broadcasts and just about anything that you can record onto a digital audio recorder. You also can't save audio normalization settings which is a bit frustrating if you need to make multiple recordings with the same noise levels. However, Sound Studio is packed with handy powerful features such as the ability to layer sounds with multiple tracks, 24 different special effects including fun ones like "monkey noises" and the ability to edit metadata for iTunes.

Sound Studio is a simple and feature-filled application for recording and editing your audio.

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  • Sound Studio 3 is an easy-to-use Mac OS X application for recording and editing audio digitally on your computer. Digitize tapes and vinyl records, record live performances, create your own mixes with crossfades, tweak the levels and EQ, apply digital effects, and save in all major file formats with Sound Studio 3!

    What is a good Audio Recorder for Mac?

    With Sound Studio 3 you can record professional sounding Podcasts and other audio dialog. Check out the article on Suggested Recording Hardware to find out more about how to mic properly and other useful audio information.

    Positioned perfectly between more expensive programs with steep learning curves, and far less robust apps, Sound Studio 3 is for anyone who needs to record or edit audio. Thomas, In the end YOU lose by shooting yourself in the foot..

    Screenflick – Mac Screen Recorder with Audio

    I agree, companies should be up front with us and tell us that it is a d emo and not free. BUT, this IS a good, feature-full software product. Lamp Chops Studios N.

    Jim Sherry and Susan owners of Lamb Chops Studio are tricky with pricing, looking for a ways to cause unsuspecting customers to believe their recordings to sound bad in able sell studio time. Once I paid them more money - they then sold me a CDs that sounded just how I really sounded - great but prior to that they told me and showed me on their sound system how I sounded, it sounded bad. Other times Jim yelled at me and threw one of my CDs on against the wall breaking it, then Jim got mad because I would not allow a home visit by both Jim and Susan.

    Furthermore, on the phone he tried to confuse me after I asked for an explanation as to why he did good work the first time but things changed — he began on studio recording jargon and told me that he could not understand what I wanted.

    What is a good Audio Recorder for Mac?

    At last, I knew that Jim and Susan were nothing more then unethical business people who deserve to be exposed. Airo keeps you out of trouble, crushing every malicious threat out there. If the download doesn't start automatically, click here. Dreaming of an ad-free web? Browse with Brave. Learn more. Mac Multimedia Sound Studio Powerful but straightforward audio recorder and editor This program can no longer be downloaded. It's ideal for anyone that wants to digitize tapes View full description.